Everything You Need To Know About The New PanOptix IOL

Everything You Need To Know About The New PanOptix IOL

The PanOptix IOL is a trifocal lens implant used in cataract surgery. In fact, it’s the first trifocal lens implant to be introduced in the United States.

If you have cataracts and are considering cataract surgery, the PanOptix IOL is one of the best lens replacement options available to you. Key points about the PanOptix IOL that you should know include:

With The PanOptix IOL, You May No Longer Need Glasses.  

The PanOptix lens is unique for its ability to reduce or even eliminate the patient’s need for near or distance glasses. At The Eye Clinic of Florida, we aim to eliminate each patient’s need for glasses after cataract surgery with this innovative trifocal lens. 

The PanOptix IOL is a Trifocal Lens. 

A lens labeled as “trifocal” provides correction for distance, intermediate, and near vision. With the PanOptix trifocal lens, your vision is clear at any depth, much like your natural vision before you needed glasses. This makes it easier to focus at any distance. Additionally, the PanOptix IOL is the best lens implant option for near vision correction in the United States.

The PanOptix IOL Performs at Many Different Light Intensities. 

In comparison to competing intraocular lenses used in cataract surgery, the PanOptix lens provides vision at a range of light intensities, including daylight, dim light, low light, and bright light. It provides outstanding contrast sensitivity in bright and dim lighting. Additionally, when compared to most other presbyopia-correcting lenses, PanOptix offers decreased glare and halos at night.

The PanOptix IOL is a High-Definition Lens. 

As a high-definition lens, the PanOptix IOL provides brighter, more vibrant colors with sharpened vision.

PanOptix Can Address Astigmatism. 

A toric option of the PanOptix lens is available for astigmatism correction. With toric lenses, you can avoid the distortion caused by astigmatism and achieve a sharper overall vision. 

Dr. Mahootchi has more experience with PanOptix than any other doctor in Tampa. And we offer unbeatable prices on lens upgrades with a guarantee. Contact us today to learn more!