Cataract Hotline – A Public Service from the Eye Clinic of Florida

Cataract Hotline is a public service branch of The Eye Clinic of Florida.

We provide free (to new patients only)

  • Vision Screenings
  • Cataract Screenings
  • Lasik and Laser Vision Correction Screenings
  • CK Screenings

The Cataract Hotline can also provide your civic organization or community center with free public speakers and presentations on eye and vision related topics. Often our vision screening service can be brought to those events.

This sight evaluation is a brief check and does not constitute a complete eye examination. No diagnosis or treatment will be given. If a potential problem is indicated, you will be referred for further ophthalmological care.

Call us at 813-779-0088 or visit to learn more.

Happy Patient Testimonials

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