How to Manage Dry Eye Disease Flare-Ups

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How to Manage Dry Eye Disease Flare-Ups

Whether it lasts for a few days or a few weeks, dry eye flare-ups can be uncomfortable, irritating, and even disruptive to your daily routine. With symptoms including redness, burning, tearing, and blurred vision, it’s no wonder why patients with dry eye disease are always looking for ways to manage flares. 

Thankfully, it’s possible to manage dry eye disease flares with a mix of proven treatments and lifestyle changes that suit your needs. 

Why Do Dry Eye Flares Occur?

Dry eye disease doesn’t always cause continuous symptoms. Instead, it causes alternating periods of relief and flare-ups. 

Dry eye flares occur as a result of external triggers. The body responds to these triggers with inflammation, which is the immune system’s way of fighting off foreign invaders. But, in the case of dry eye, this response isn’t needed and instead causes eye redness and discomfort. 

Possible dry eye flare triggers include:

  • Wind
  • Air conditioning
  • Low air humidity
  • Wearing contact lenses for prolonged periods
  • Prolonged periods of screen time
  • Seasonal allergies

How To Manage Dry Eye Flares

One way to help prevent dry eye flares is to understand your triggers. Pay attention to behaviors that may be causing your symptoms and avoid them whenever possible. For example, if low air humidity seems to trigger your symptoms, consider using a humidifier at home. 

Other lifestyle adjustments, such as drinking more water, limiting screen time, wearing glasses instead of contacts, and eating a balanced diet may also help with dry eye flares. 

With these home methods in mind, your eye doctor can also prescribe medications to keep dry eye disease in check. New treatment options for dry eye disease, such as the topical corticosteroid Eysuvis, have recently received FDA approval and offer patients more options for managing dry eye flares. 

The qualified team at The Eye Clinic of Florida can help you manage dry eye flare-ups with a personalized treatment plan. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!