Why Have My Eyes Become Sensitive to Light?

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Our eyes require light to see. If your eyes are becoming sensitive to light, it may be a cause for concern. You should discuss any changes in your vision with your eye doctor at your next appointment to seek appropriate care.

If your eyes are sensitive to light, you likely experience symptoms such as flare-ups when you’re exposed to bright lights. This may include the light from devices like your computer or phone. Additionally, light sensitivity can cause eye pain and headaches.

This article will discuss why your eyes may become sensitive to light and how to manage this symptom. 

Possible Reasons Your Eyes are Sensitive to Light

Sensitivity to light often results from an eye condition. Some of the most common eye conditions that can cause sensitivity to light are:

  • Dry Eye Syndrome

The eye naturally makes tears that lubricate and protect the cornea. When we don’t make enough tears, the surface can become dry and a low level of inflammation can result. This makes the eye very sensitive to light. 

  • Uveitis

Inflammation of the inside of the eye is known as uveitis. It’s a common cause of light sensitivity in the eyes. 

  • Cataract 

Sensitivity to light can occur with certain types of cataracts. This occurs because the light scattered from the cataract changes to the natural lens in the eye

  • Eye injury

Injury to the eye can result in pain, headaches, and sensitivity to light. Your symptoms will vary depending on the severity of the injury.

  • Overwearing contact lenses

Wearing contact lenses excessively without following instructions from your ophthalmologist may result in eye pain and sensitivity to light.  

If you’re experiencing sensitivity to light, it may be time to see an eye health professional. Keep track of your symptoms and request an appointment with The Eye Clinic of Florida. Our specialists will diagnose and treat your eye condition while protecting your vision. Contact us for a consultation!